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Thank you for purchasing our app

Please read the documentation carefully , and if you have any question check us . Most pages are accompanied by a video tutorial , it's recommended to check both , the video and the written Documentation .

Must Read this:

After purchase if you run the project and test the build in phone it will not work becuase you have to setup the Web API first then app will be works fine.

Web API is in PHP 7.0 and it will work on any kind of hosting packages

Android Configration

In order to start configuring , you need to install Android studio and the 'Java SE Development Kit'. First download the android studio from here Android Studio

SDK Manager

The installer , as also shown in the video should automatically download and install all required components . if you want to do manual setup , download at least the following components using the SDK manager

  • SDK tools
  • SDK platform Tools
  • SDK Build Tools
  • Google Play Services
  • Android Support Library
  • Google Repository
  • Google USB Driver

You can download these SDK , if not installed already , using the SDK manager SDK Manager After you're done, you can open Android Studio and continue.

Importing Android Project

To import the template, simply open Android Studio and import/open the template. Make sure to wait for all the processes (the Gradle Build) to complete before continuing to the next step

Addition steps

Addition steps Sometimes, the Gradle Build fails. In some cases additional components are needed, Android Studio will ask you to do download these additional SDK components in the 'messages' tab, simply follow the instructions provided to install and download the additional components.

Change Bundle ID

Change App Name

Above is illustrated how you can change the name of the application.

Change Color Scheme

Above is illustrated how you can change the Colors of the application.

You can change your apps colors to create a custom look. The primary color is the color of the Toolbar, some buttons and headers. The primary dark color is used for e.g. the status bar. get more color from here

Change Theme of Application

Above is illustrated how you can change the Theme of the application.

Change App icon

Now we need to put a png file with your icon named 'ic_launcher.png' in the following folders:

  • res/drawable-mdpi - with a size of 48px x 48px
  • res/drawable-hdpi - with a size of 72px x 72px
  • res/drawable-xhdpi - with a size of 96px x 96px
  • res/drawable-xxhdpi - with a size of 144px x 144px

this URL will help you resize your images or event create new icon to your app Launcher Icon Generator

Setup AdMob

Above is illustrated how you can change the Subscription Product ID and Licence Key.

Remove Admob ads

If you want to remove ads just remove this code , follow this screenshort

In-app Purchases

Above is illustrated how you can change the name of the application and change the AdMod ID.

Go to com.dinosoftlabs.binder.Users.Users_F file and search "case" here you can see the code which will be changed if you don't want to show the Subscription options.

case if(MainMenuActivity.purduct_purchase){ card_viewstack.reverse(); } else open_subscription_view(); break;

Firebase Configuring

Change Firebase Db Rules

Push Notification Cloud Function

Method 1

For Adding Firebase Function in your firebase project will contains Two Part

  • Install node.js and Firebase CLI
  • Deploy Firebase Function in firebase project

Install node.js and Firebase CLI

Method 2

You have to paste the code in Index.js and package.json to deploy the firebase Fuction


you have to put your Firebase Real time database url here
databaseURL: ''


You gave to follow this step becuase sometime push notification will not work follow the screenshort cloud-step

Debug and release Key

Before going to next you have to learn about the Sh1 key for both debug and release. if you are in the development mode then you will use the debug sh1 key but when you going to publish the app on playstore then you will have to use the sh1 key of Release key

Debug Key

Method 1 How to get the SH1 key for the published app (Signed or release key)

To get realese sh1 contains two step.

Step1: you will generate your own app signing key Create signing key

Step2: Get the Sh1 key of app signing key

Get the Sh1 key. Run the below command on Command Promt

keytool.exe -list -v -alias {alies name you set according to above toturial "key0" is the alies name} -keystore "{file adress of the key}" -storepass {password} -keypass {password}

Method 2 How to get the SH1 key for the published app (Signed or release key)

Follow the steps

Google Map Configration

Make sure you have add the firebase firbase first then you project on Google Api console will automatically show, means you don't need to create the project on Google api console if you created the firebase project

Now we Will let you Know how you can generate that Debug and release key.

Debug key is very simple see the below pic:

Now if you want to publish your app then you have to get the release key. To get the release api key

You need Sh1 key. We have tell you in above how can you get that.After getting that SH1 you have to follow below pics:

Facebook Login

You have to follow the steps

Step 1

Go to "facebook Developer" the link is given and Create a new app

Step 2

Go to "facebook Developer" the link is given and Create a new app

Step 3

Then Go in Setting > Basic Fill privacy policy and application nature/cateogry and press save

Step 4

Then Go in Setting > Basic Add development palatform

Step 5

Then Go in Setting > Basic > development palatform Select Android

Step 6

Follow screenshort

Step 7

Follow screenshort

Step 8

Follow screenshort

Step 9

Copy APP ID Follow screenshort

Step 10

Follow screenshort

Step 11

Copy APP ID & APP Secret Follow screenshort

Step 12

Follow screenshort

Below related to Step 5

Package Name is com.dinosoftlabs.binder

Default Activity Class Name com.dinosoftlabs.binder.Accounts.Login_A

Give the App Id and App secret in firebase Authuntication

This video tutorial can help you alot

You have to submit your application for review to facebook to enable 2 permission Date of birth & Gender by following this link How can i submit?

If you Facebook app have dont have permission's of Date of birth and gender then Follow this screeshort to by-pass

Step 13

Generate KeyHash Follow screenshort

Step 14

Follow screenshort

Phone Login Configration

For "login with phone number" you have to enable the settings from firebase

Google Login Configration

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

Giphy API Configration

Get Giphy API key to show gif in your chat "Create an Account" and then "create an App" then you get the api key "copy the key" into Variable class.

Web API Configration

installing Binder PHP API is an easy process and we will guide you through it .

Before getting started, please make sure your web server meets all the requirements:

  • Latest PHP Version 7.0
  • MySQL extension (enabled on all hosts by default)

Step 1

Make a folder on your hosting "API" and upload API-Code files in it

Step 2

Upload Files in "API" folder

Step 3

  • Create Database in mysql databases ( in cPanel ) with the name of "Binder" you can write what ever you want
  • Create a new user
  • Assign that user to database

Step 4

  • Edit the file "config.php" and update the Database information that you setup above
  • You have to setup the firebase url there like this "https://Here is your firebase link/Match"
  • You can get firebase url from there , Follow Screenshort Click to view screenshort

Step 4

  • Open Firebase and follow 1st and 2nd screenshort and copy the code and paste in inbox.php

Step 5

Import Database (.sql) file as well

Admin Panel Configration

  • Make a folder "Portal" and upload admin panel files there
  • Edit the file "config.php" and update $baseurl = ""; with you domain
  • Open in your browser and login with "" & "password:123456"
  • Also changed the firebase link go on firebase console select the database and then go database page
  • Follow Screenshort Click to view screenshort

Thank you & Support

I'd like to thank you again for your purchase and I hope you where able to successfully install the app and using it in your future business . If you need support or have some questions. You can visit our support resources here at

What support does include
  • Answers to (technical) questions about the item's features
  • Assistance with reported bugs and issues
  • Answers to questions about importing and setting up the item as is described in the docs.
Please note that support does not include:
  • Customization & adding new features
  • Installation Services
  • Support for 3rd party software and/or plugins
  • Content related rejections and violations from Google


App Develope in native or not?

Yes app is in native coding

Which PHP version?

it will work on PHP 7.0 or more then 7.0

Which Database You are using?

We are using mysql database

Does Demo Data included (Demo users like on our app)?

Yes Test/Demo users profiles are inlucded in the package

Does it have 3rd party services?

Yes , It has Firebase Thrid party for real time chat and send push notifications, Which is free but limited , after lot of users and usages you have to buy their packages there are have 3 packages Free , $25 monthly , Pay As you go See Firebase packages

Does it have Admin panel

Yes It has admin panel as well which is in HTML/CSS and connected with datbase via PHP API

Does it have Documentation

Yes it has Documentaion about android , web api setup , admin panel setup , firebase push notification setup